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The heart of our practice here at Balanced Health Solutions is the philosophy of its founder, Dr. Dale Kelly, DC, CFMP. He believes in — and lives — his mantra: Stay balanced and you will feel better and be healthier. For our patients, this philosophy has proved to be a lifesaver; something which Dr. Kelly himself understands very well.

Dr. Dale Kelly, DC, CFMP
Dr. Dale Kelly, DC, CFMPFounder of Balanced Health Solutions

About Dr. Dale Kelly

Back in 1992, Dr. Kelly was losing energy and could not keep up with his work or family responsibilities. He went to his regular physician, who did some basic blood tests. After the tests came back, the doctor told him that he must be depressed and wanted him to start taking an antidepressant.

Not satisfied with that diagnosis, Dr. Kelly then went to an endocrinologist, who did some additional blood work. The endocrinologist discovered that he had a brain tumor.

Though it wasn’t malignant, it was growing. The tumor was affecting his hormones and vision. Doctors gave him two choices: Undergo surgery and risk losing some brain function in the process or start on tumor-shrinking drugs. He reluctantly opted for the drugs.

The drugs, unfortunately, had severe side effects — for which his doctors prescribed even more medication. At that point, frustrated with the treatment’s progress, Dr. Kelly matters into his own hands and spent over six months of deep clinical research on his own learning all he could about his tumor. He discovered that this type of tumor could be associated with certain nutritional deficiencies. He did some additional testing of his own blood and discovered that he, too, had such deficiencies. He immediately corrected his diet and added supplements to make up for what his diet couldn’t provide.

To his relief, the tumor shrank to about half its size. His vision returned, his hormone levels balanced back out and his energy was restored. He got his life back.

Since then, Dr. Kelly has undertaken a mission to help others as he helped himself — through a return to balanced health.

Dr. Kelly has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education with an emphasis on functional medicine and nutrition. He is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner whose expertise is sought nationwide in speaking engagements to educate other practitioners about functional medicine. He is a member of two worldwide functional medicine organizations. Currently, he is engaged in advanced study and research in clinical nutrition.

Dr. Kelly believes that a patient’s mind and body know exactly what they need for perfect health and well-being. When the body is in balance, everything runs like a “magnificent machine,” as Dr. Kelly calls it. When it goes out of balance — whether from stress or another cause — something goes haywire: a headache, an upset stomach, allergies, muscle tension, or even just a worn-out feeling.

Those symptoms, Dr. Kelly points out, indicate an underlying problem.

But most people just pop a pill and move on.

Dr. Kelly, though, teaches his patients to listen to their bodies. When something’s not right, patients need to seek help, not a temporary fix.

At Balanced Health Solutions, we identify the underlying cause of your symptoms with an extensive series of tests. Then we create a custom treatment plan to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Dr. Kelly and Family

After you’re back to your healthy self, Dr. Kelly will teach you to keep your body in balance. Through testing your blood, urine, saliva, and stool, he can determine your body’s unique needs. With a program of specific diet changes, custom supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique biological profile, your body can return to good health will stay in balance.

Our patients tell stories just like Dr. Kelly’s. This simple healthcare philosophy is a game-changer: Bring the body into balance, and the rest will fall into place. As Dr. Kelly puts it, “the instructions for maintenance and repair…are built in…Body balance is the key.”

Dr. Kelly himself is a shining example of that philosophy. To keep his body in balance, he nurtures it with plenty of outdoors time and exercise. An avid runner, hiker, water skier, and mountain biker, Dr. Kelly trains to keep his body fit. To balance his physical training, he eats healthy food, drinks plenty of water, and spends time with family and friends. To nurture his spirit, he serves as a volunteer for his local search and rescue team and his faith community.

You, too, can nurture your body and mind through a custom-tailored program of nutrition and exercise. If you’re not feeling like your old self, you owe it to yourself to contact us. We’ll test you to see what your body needs and teach you how to get it back into balance again. That’s what we’re all about here at Balanced Health Solutions. To book an appointment, call us at 775-358-6824 today.

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